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Motorcycle Accidents

The scenery in Florida is beautiful, and the weather is frequently pleasant –  a wonderful mix for a delightful, fun-filled motorcycle ride. However, these rides can quickly turn lethal on the road, resulting in catastrophic accidents and terrible personal injuries. 

The failure of motorists to identify and acknowledge motorbikes in traffic is the most prevalent cause of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle can be hard to see and may be in the driver’s blind area. The most dangerous circumstance for motorcycle riders happens when vehicles make a left turn. This accounts for 42 percent of all motorcycle-car accidents, and head-on collisions account for 56 percent of motorcycle accident deaths. 

Other elements that contribute to accidents include motorcycle lane splitting, speeding, alcohol usage, road dangers, unexpected stops, and motorbike flaws. Motorcycle accidents can leave life-altering injuries that need a lifetime of costly care. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact Anthony-Smith Law for a free first consultation. We will fight for the justice and restitution you deserve.

What to Do After a Bike Accident

Depending on the degree of your injuries, the next stages can be tough. Remember that your first priority right after the accident should always be your own safety and the safety of anyone else involved. After that:

Examine yourself for injuries – Make sure everyone is safe if you can move without causing more injury to yourself. If someone is hurt and needs medical assistance, dial 911 right away.

Get off the highway – Get out of harm’s way and to a safe spot. To warn oncoming vehicles, use hazard lights, flares, or any other safe form of warning.

Call the cops – Call the police if someone is hurt or property has been destroyed. The police report might help you recover damages to your motorbike, clothes, or injuries. Obtain identifying information about the officer and a copy of the police report.

Collect information – Exchange information with the other drivers. Take photographs of the automobiles’ license plates, the site of the collision, the road conditions, speed restrictions, and other road signs with your cell phone.

Speak with witnesses and obtain contact information – If possible, talk to witnesses as soon as possible following the accident. Make a note of the information. Memories fade rapidly.

Don’t accept responsibility – Immediately following an accident, the actual cause of the accident is frequently unknown. Accidents might be frightening, but be cautious about what you say. You don’t want your remarks to have bad implications later on.

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