Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorney at Anthony Smith Law Helps Individuals Seek Maximum Compensation After Medical Errors.

At Anthony Smith Law, we provide thorough, experienced, and dedicated legal representation for victims of medical malpractice. From birth injuries to medication errors to failure to diagnose cancer, all patients who receive treatment are at-risk for complications due to medical errors.

In fact, studies have shown that nearly 100,000 patients every year fall victim to improper diagnoses and inadequate care, due to preventable mistakes in the hospital. If you believe that you may be a victim of medical malpractice, we encourage you to know your rights and take legal action.

We offer the victims of medical malpractice and their families a free, private consultationContact us today to schedule a meeting with our attorneys and find out if you may have a valid medical malpractice claim to pursue.

Signs That You May Be a Victim of Medical Malpractice

Regardless of the grim statistics, many people still struggle to accept that doctors and hospitals make mistakes. Nobody likes to consider the fact that their doctor may miss a warning sign of a critical disease – or that their treatment might actually do more harm than good. Nonetheless, these are very actual concerns that change thousands of lives every single day.  Anyone diagnosed with a serious illness should look for these warning signs:

  • Your health is not improving with treatment.  Many doctors do not like to admit that they were wrong.  If the treatment he or she prescribed for your illness is not working, it may be time to get a second or third opinion.
  • Your symptoms do not match your diagnosis.  They should match.  If they do not, you may have been misdiagnosed.
  • Your diagnosis is based purely on lab tests –labs make mistakes and some doctors do not question lab results as much as they should.
  • Your doctor attributes common complaints to an uncommon ailment.  Sometimes an ailment is not a sign of something large.  A headache may be simply a headache and not a brain tumor.
  • Your diagnosis usually involves a test you never received.  If you haven’t had the accompanying tests, go back to your doctor and ask why the test was not given.
  • Your surgery goes wrong.  When surgery is performed in a dangerously unsafe or incorrect manner or the surgery was performed on the wrong area (or wrong person), or the instruments or medical supplies are left inside a patient’s body, a malpractice attorney needs to be consulted to review your claims to determine if you have a malpractice case.
  • You are provided the wrong medications.
  • Your privacy is violated. This is non-physical form of malpractice but the sensitive nature of medical records require that they remain confidential and are not released improperly or shared publicly.
  • A family member or loved one dies during a medical procedure.
  • Your child is injured during delivery or by improper prenatal care.

Consequently, in case you are second-guessing your doctor’s advice, or in case you are concerned  that you have received substandard care, you are right to start asking questions. Whereas it might be that there was nothing your doctor could or should have done differently, it might even be the case that you’re a victim who’s entitled to substantial financial compensation. We strongly recommend that you call for a free consultation. To schedule your free consultationcall our Orlando offices at 407-299-8589 or contact us online today.