Homeowners Insurance Claims Disputes

Do you consider insurance companies “a necessary evil?” Has your home been damaged as a result of a hurricane or any other adverse weather for which you thought you were insured?  Do you feel as if you have hit a wall when dealing with your insurance company?  Has your claim been denied or you are being offered a low settlement amount?  Regardless of your specific situation you are in an area beyond your expertise if you are trying to negotiate with your insurance company without the assistance of a trained and experienced homeowner insurance attorney.   Many insurance companies retain a team of expert attorneys whose primary focus is to save the insurance company money.  Your financial interests and your insurance interests are in a natural conflict—you want a maximum payout, your insurer a minimum.  At Anthony-Smith Law, YOU are our primary focus.  Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys for a free initial consultation.  Let us protect your rights and compensation.

Coverage issues can be intricate.  If you feel your insurance company is not treating you and your claim fairly, then you may have cause to file a lawsuit.  Make sure that during the process of your claim, you do the following:

  • Take and keep good notes of conversations with insurance, repair, government, and other professionals. Get the person’s name and title and be sure to summarize the conversation.
  • Take photos of damages before any clean-up or repair work is done.  Also take pictures of repairs in progress.  Any type of documentation will be helpful to your attorney.
  • Avoid direct communications with the insurance company after you hire an attorney.  You would not want to say or do anything to jeopardize your lawsuit.  Direct all communications to your attorney.
  • Focus on drying/cleaning out, avoiding further damages while getting all damage inspected, measured and estimated by qualified, reputable, and independent experts.
  • Flood insurance policies have different rules than home insurance policies.
  • Give your home and/or flood insurer a chance to do the right thing, but advocate for yourself and be prepared to get help if you are not being treated fairly—hire a home insurance attorney.
  • If a home or flood insurance adjuster says damage isn’t covered but you feel it should be, get an independent professional opinion before giving up on getting some or all of your claim paid.

Contact Anthony-Smith Law for a free initial consultation.  Let one of our expert, well-trained attorneys review your homeowners policy and fight to get you the respect and compensation you deserve.


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