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    Homeowners Insurance

    Do you regard insurance companies as a “necessary evil”? Have you had damage to your house as a consequence of a hurricane or other severe weather for which you believed you were insured? Do you ever feel like you’ve struck a brick wall while talking with your insurance company? Have you had your claim dismissed, or have you been offered a low settlement amount? If you try to bargain with your insurance carrier without the advice of a professional and experienced homeowner insurance attorneys law firms, you are in an area beyond your skills, regardless of your individual case. Many insurance firms hire a staff of professional lawyers whose sole goal is to save the insurance company money. Your financial and insurance interests are naturally at odds—you want a maximum compensation, while your insurer wants a minimum. YOU are our primary priority at Anthony-Smith Law. Make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable lawyers for a free introductory consultation. Allow us to defend your rights and recompense.

    Coverage difficulties can be complex. If you believe your insurance provider is not treating you and your claim fairly, you may have grounds to sue. Make certain that you perform the following during the course of your claim:

    Take careful notes throughout talks with insurance, repair, government, and other specialists. Get the person’s name and title, and make a note of the dialogue.

    Before any cleaning or repair work is done, take pictures of the damage. Take images of the fixes as well. Your attorney will benefit from any form of documents.

    After you employ an attorney, avoid communicating with the insurance company directly. You would never say or do anything that might damage your lawsuit. Please address any contacts to your attorney.

    Concentrate on drying/cleaning, preventing future damage, and having all damage assessed, measured, and quantified by trained, recognized, and independent professionals.

    Flood insurance plans are not the same as house insurance policies.

    Give your house and/or flood insurer an opportunity to do the right thing, but be prepared to speak for yourself and seek assistance if you are not treated fairly—hire a home insurance attorney.

    If a house or flood insurance adjuster tells you that your damage isn’t covered, but you believe it should be, seek an independent professional assessment before giving up on getting any or all of your claim settled.

    For a free introductory consultation of our insurance attorneys law firm, please contact Anthony-Smith Law. Allow one of our knowledgeable, well-trained attorneys to analyze your home’s insurance policy and fight for the respect and reimbursement you deserve.

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