Future Damage: Are You Eligible for Special Personal Injury Damages?

When you file a personal injury claim in Florida, you can generally expect to get compensation for both medical bills and your pain and suffering. Your pain and suffering award compensates you for both mental and physical pain connected with the accident, so you might assume that it covers all your damages. 

But, while medical bills and pain and suffering compensation cover quite a lot, it’s not necessarily everything you need. In some Florida personal injury cases, there are additional kinds of future damage that you could deserve compensation for. Read on to learn about two categories of future damages and how they could apply to your case.

Future Medical Care

In most personal injury cases, your personal injury attorney doesn’t start negotiations with the insurance company that’s paying for your damages until you’re fully recovered. In a personal injury case, medical providers generally consider you fully recovered when you reach your pre-injury state. 

Sometimes it’s simply not possible to return to your pre-injury health. If you have serious physical damages that don’t respond to any type of treatment, your doctor may release you from medical care. Your doctor may then certify that you’re fully or partially disabled due to the accident. 

Or, your doctor may simply release you from medical care but note that you’ll likely need another type of care long term. In both cases, you’ll generally need some kind of medical attention in the future, so the future medical care category focuses on that kind of care.

Future medical care compensation includes funds for all of the care that you’re expected to need in the coming months, years, and possibly for the rest of your life. This kind of compensation can take all of the following into account: 

  • Inpatient hospital care, including surgeries
  • Outpatient hospital care
  • Doctor appointments, including routine and urgent care
  • In-home care providers
  • Physical therapy and other kinds of therapy
  • Prescription and nonprescription drugs
  • Medical devices and equipment, like walkers or wheelchairs

Because you haven’t received the care yet, it’s impossible to put a precise dollar amount on it. But, your medical care providers and attorney can work together to arrive at a figure based on past care costs and estimates of expected care. 

In general, your personal injury lawyer will demand the maximum compensation possible to make sure that all your medical needs are covered long term. 

Future Wage Loss

If you’re permanently disabled, whether partially or fully, following your accident, it impacts your income for the rest of your life. Your personal injury claim always includes compensation for lost wages, but that only covers the time that you missed from work up until now.

Because you’ll be unable to work as you normally would have going forward, you need compensation for all the time that you’re going to miss from work. This type of compensation is based upon a projection of what you would have earned up until retirement.

While the primary purpose of this category is wage compensation, the future wage loss category could conceivably include additional compensation, such as:

  • 401(k) matching contributions from your employer
  • Health insurance
  • Company car
  • Holiday bonuses
  • Other types of company perks and benefits
  • Expected raises, especially if you got raises at specific intervals in the past

Because there are so many factors involved in the future wage calculation, it’s not an exact science. But, your personal injury lawyer strives to get maximum money to ensure that you don’t have to suffer any more than you already are because of your disability. 

At Anthony-Smith Law, P.A., our experienced legal team has recovered millions of dollars for personal injury victims. To make sure that you get all the compensation appropriate for your injuries, reach out to our legal team online or by phone now. 

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