Albert M. Behzadi

Albert M. Behzadi


As a former prosecutor, Albert Maradona Behzadi has the experience and passion
to zealously defend, advise and protect the constitutional rights of his clients. From
the initial consultation and throughout the representation until the case is closed,
Albert is a champion for justice.

Before embarking on a career as a criminal defense attorney, Albert gained
valuable experience as an Assistant State Attorney (ASA), in both the
9 th  Judicial Circuit and in the 18 th  Judicial Circuit. As an ASA, Albert served an
active leadership role in the courtroom, managing high caseloads, litigating
complex legal issues, meticulously preparing for trial, conducting extensive legal
research, and ultimately successfully winning many cases.  Albert has practiced
before numerous judges across all of Florida. Throughout his time as an
ASA, Albert was able to maintain an excellent working relationship with defense
attorneys, while tenaciously negotiating the best outcome for the victim, the State
and the accused.  He is a strong believer in rehabilitative programs for those who
After the State Attorney’s Office Albert ran his own law firm for over 2
years in which he took on Criminal Defense clients and Personal Injury Case
matters. He vigorously defended clients’ rights from Punishable by Life first
degree Felonies, Misdemeanors, DUIs and juvenile type offenses.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Albert earned his B.S. degree in Sports Management
and his M.B.A. degree in International Business from Florida Southern College.
After receiving his M.B.A, Albert attended law school and graduated from Barry
University School of Law, where he graduated with honors. While studying law at
Barry University, Albert received book awards for earning the highest grades in
two of his courses. While in law school, Albert worked at Morgan & Morgan in the
intake department, where he also gained valuable experience.  Albert is passionate
about defending his clients and ensuring that they receive personalized and
effective representation.
Outside of the courtroom, Albert is an avid sports fan, having played soccer
himself throughout high school and college.  His love of soccer continues through
his coaching of youth soccer. Albert’s family values of working hard and striving
for excellence are deeply rooted.  His love of family extends also to all animals and
he is devoted to his shibu/corgi Tori.

Albert’s years of well-rounded experience and knowledge of the law and the
Florida legal system, can be an important and determinative factor in your criminal
case.  If you seek an attorney who will zealously defend you against the smallest to

the most serious of criminal charges or personal injury claims, you should call 407-
299-8589 for a consultation.